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YouTube TrueView InSearch – How to Reach the Right Audience

For quite some time advertisers have been benefiting from the good click-through rates of TrueView campaigns on YouTube. Compared to AdWords, they offer low costs per view at an enormous reach, due to the fact that YouTube has become the second largest search engine in the world. In an article from January, we spoke about campaigns using InStream, and in this blog post we will be discussing InSearch campaigns. (more…)

The internet as a decision-making tool: consumers’ online behaviour

Making a fast, definitive decision when it comes to buying an expensive item has been found to be a particularly arduous process for certain consumers, with a number of factors forcing a change of mind along the way. A high percentage of us consult numerous websites when deciding to make a high cost purchase, shifting our perception of where best we can find unbiased and worthwhile opinions and facts. (more…)

Online Marketing: Snowball Effect of Innovations

With cross-channel campaign measuring and optimisation, individual conversion attribution, and real-time advertising QUISMA’s main topics are clearly oriented on the current market trends. Following these new developments, we now want to take a look into the future and highlight upcoming possibilities that will very soon open new avenues by which advertisers can approach their target audiences. (more…)

Keyword Setup and Optimisation

How do you create an optimal keyword setup, which enables a qualitative expansion of the keywords and bids in the optimisation process? What exactly should this optimisation look like? (more…)