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Formula 1 in conversion optimisation – on the tracks of Sebastian Vettel


Sebastian Vettel is the ultimate Formula 1 driver. He is the youngest four times world champion of all times and currently breaks all the records. With his eighth victory of the season he even broke the age-old record of his idol Michael Schumacher and this certainly won’t be his last achievement. (more…)

Keyword Setup and Optimisation


How do you create an optimal keyword setup, which enables a qualitative expansion of the keywords and bids in the optimisation process? What exactly should this optimisation look like? (more…)

Identifying potential to increase the conversion rate


Before embarking on a conversion optimisation project it’s important to have a well-thought-out concept to avoid losing potential sales, define a test strategy and roadmap before starting. In principle every page can be optimized, however, certain pages have a greater influence on the conversion success than others. (more…)

Virtual Eye Tracking – Watch Then Try!


Some landing pages can be described in one word: misleading. There is no central focus and your eyes jump undirected back and forth. Since the user isn’t guided they will lose interest after only a short period of time and will leave the page. This is not only unfortunate but also inefficient when thinking of the expenditures made for client acquisition. To avoid this you can test a landing page with eye tracking. This tool analyses eye movement and gives information on how the user moves on the website. As an alternative, to avoid high costs for such tests in the laboratory, you can also carry out a virtual eye tracking. (more…)

Micro or Macro – Different Conversion Types

Micro or Macro

The so-called conversion rate (also known as CTR) is an important indicator in digital marketing. It indicates how effectively ads or other creatives work on certain websites or online shops. The conversion rate describes the percentage of website visitors that carry out a certain action on a website. The rate can range between zero and a hundred percent. A conversion rate of ten percent means that every tenth visitor on a website has carried out a specific action. This may be a ordering a product or even filling out a contact form. (more…)